Noises from a Bissel Powerforce Bagless Vacumn Upon Startup and Shutdown

This fixit was an example of me getting ahead of myself and making things much arder than they had to be. The problem was fairly simple, When the vacuum cleaner was turned on and off, the vacuum made bad noises as it started up and wound down (both at low rpm’s). I was afraid these noises were the result of something being caught in the motor, so I decided to open her up.

Top from Bottom

Top from Bottom, Figure 1

To get to the motor, I had to separate the top part from the bottom part. Before you even think about starting, unplug the vacuum. If you shock yourself, your spouse will mock you. I know.

First of all, you need to remove the screw that holds the hose to the top half right near the bottom, where the hose is transparent.  In Figure 1, you can see the two screws that you have to disconnect to take the top from the bottom.

Remove these screws, and similarly, remove those on the other side (4 total).  You can then remove the top from the bottom by lifting out the right side first (belt is on the left).

Inside the Vacumn, Figure 2

Inside the Vacumn, Figure 2

This exposes all of the screws that you need to remove to take the front panel off.  When you take the front panel off, the inside of the vacuum should look about like this.  I looked for a way to open the motor, but no dice.  When I spun the motor, it moved freely, just like it was supposed to.  It was then I realized I was looking for a hard answer when an easy one could have been there.

I took the panel off the bottom of the vacuum, undoing the screws on the plate over the brush.  The brush had been turning when I checked it, but as I took it out, I noticed that there was some debris caught in the bushing at the end.  I tilted, turned, and shook it.  After a few seconds, the brush started to turn more smoothly.  I put the vacuum back together, attaching the top to the base first, and then replacing the brush an the belt.  When I started it, the strange noise was gone.  Moral of this story?  Don’t be going for the deep obscure problem before you check the more obvious problems thoroughly.  Hopefully you weren’t as dumb as I was.


3 Responses to “Noises from a Bissel Powerforce Bagless Vacumn Upon Startup and Shutdown”

  1. 1 sleinad December 6, 2008 at 6:01 am

    One time I almost threw my vacuum away because it wouldn’t turn on. I decided to call the company and I found out the I just needed to replace the belt. That was easy, and it was a lot cheaper than a new vacuum!

  2. 2 Jake October 9, 2015 at 10:22 am

    How did you get the front cover off the vac to access the motor? I have the top separated from the bottom and i have everything out of the top and the 4 screws out that join the front and back. Is there another screw? Something is catching at the bottom right when looking at the front.

  1. 1^ADA_qiWF.35j3E4jqhKsxAFNEQtP28- Trackback on August 21, 2016 at 2:40 am

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