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Hangin a Wheelbarrow on the Wall Cheaply and Conveniently

It has been a long while since I have posted.  I just moved into a new house and have been busy, but I thought better to put up a quick post than nothing.

Basically, nothing wastes space like things with huge footprints.  You are always tripping over them and working around them.  Wheelbarrows are a great wall candidate because they are huge, light for their size, and used only a few times a season.

Here is what I did.

First, I got a couple of hooks, with a lag screw on one side and a hook on the other.  I drilled a hole into the end of the each handle on the wheel barrow, and screwed the bolts in.  Make sure the hole you drill is big enough, otherwise you will split the wood on the handles.  You can see that in the pictures below.  Also, I turned the hook on the right 180 more degrees, so the hook would be facing outward and less likely to snag me while I was using the wheelbarrow

Here is a picture of the wheelbarrow laying upside down, with a 2×6 beneath it.  I chose a 2×6 because I had one lying around of about the right size, and a 2×4 would work just as well.  Make sure the handles of the wheelbarrow come up the same distance on the board, and then drive a nail through each hook.  I used 20 penny 4″ nails and they worked great.

Wheelbarrow upside down on the floor

Wheelbarrow upside down on the floor

Take the board and nail or screw it to the wall at the proper height, being sure to hit studs. The drywall mud indicates where the studs are here, or you can use a studfinder.  If you don’t hit the studs, you will end up with holes in the drywall and a wheelbarrow on your foot.

You can see from the doorknob visible on this picture that I but this wheelbarrow pretty high, giving space to store more yard stuff beneath.  Use a level if you need to, or eyeball it if you are feeling brave.  This was a pretty quick and easy project, and it sure frees up a lot of floorspace.

Wheelbarrow hanging on Garage Wall

Wheelbarrow hanging on Garage Wall

Good luck and have fun.


Fixing my Makita Jigsaw

I bought a Makita Jigsaw at a garage sale a few years ago, and when I tried to use it, the blade wouldn’t cut a straight line becuase the slider (thing that holds the blade) was so loose.  I put it in with my emergency tools (the ones you never use but don’t want to throw away).    Finally, I figured I should fix it or trash it, and opened her up.  This is what I saw, with the slide and gear removed for clarity.

Inside of Makita Jigsaw

Inside of Makita Jigsaw, Pic 1

The main items that were causing problems were the three metal pieces that you see at the bottom, two matched opposite each other, and the last a little to the left of the others.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THE GEAR PIECE AND SLIDER OUT.  I did because I wanted to be clear

Closeup of the Jigsaw slides, with one on it's side

Closeup of the Jigsaw slides, with one on it, Pic. 2

These three pieces hold the blade in place while it moves up and down.  They can wear out, and you can replace them.  Mine didn’t have too much wear, but the plastic slots that hold them were in rough shape.  They had obvious deformation that made it so they couldn’t hold the blade firmly.  I figured that buying a case would be too expensive, so I modified it.  I made sure the slides were clamped closely in place by shims.

I used the cedar shims you use for hanging doors and windows, because that was what I had around.

Picture 3 (at right)shows the other half of the jigsaw.

Inside of Jigsaw, after using shims

You can see the three slots that the “slider holders” should rest in.  I cut a thin shim and put in the bottom of each of these three holes.  The grease present in the bottom served to make sure that the shims would not fall out when I reassembled the saw.  These shims don’t have to be very thick at all.  Last of all, I shimmed behind the upper right “slider holder”.  This helped to remove the play in the other direction in the joint.

I then screwed the whole thing back together.  The play in the blade was gone.  If your metal slides are worn out, you can by replacements, and if you love the saw enough, you can buy a new body.  Given I already have another jigsaw, and wasn’t that far into this one financially, i just patched her up so I could use her.

Good luck, and thanks for any comments